I am emerging artist based in Brisbane, currently completing my honours degree at QUT. I also intern for an international multi-platform global arts research project based in New York and London. With my background in curating and public programing, I aspire to use my industry experience to cultivate a thriving arts community in Brisbane for young artists.


















I am a Brisbane-based artist who focuses heavily on sculpture and video art. Although there are two halves of my  practice I explores the ideas of materials that allow me to explore my  own struggles with communication and expression. My sculptures become the means of navigation through the tough emotions of everyday life and give me a way of trying to better understand the modern culture that surround me.  As well as my individual art career, I am a member of the collaborative duo, Earnest & Son, with fellow artist Jordan Azcune.


I am an interdisciplinary artist and creative based in Brisbane. I have worked extensively in theatre - as a performer, deviser and programmer - and also have a background in art history. I am interested in the intersection of theatre, performance art, visual art and experience design. Currently I am combining these fields, with a sprinkling of event planning, to curate live art event, exhibitions and that focus on communal participation and the interrogation of contemporary practice and consumption.