17th June 2017

 Siena Hart,  Girl Practice  (video still), 2017. 

Siena Hart, Girl Practice (video still), 2017. 

KUNSTBUNKER is proud to present GIRL PRACTICE, a new installation by Brisbane artist Siena Hart. 
GIRL PRACTICE considers dialogues surrounding memory and identity, performances of the feminine, and the real and imagined. In attempting to reconcile the expectations placed upon the body/self, with intuitive urges, discretions, and natural processes, Girl Practice highlights the incongruous nature of feminine embodiment and explores the often surreal ways these shape identity and manifest in the exterior realm.


Utilising the language of subversion, Hart explores simple interventions of the everyday through digitally mediated performance and installation. With a focus on outward manifestations of embodied experience, vulnerability, anxiety, and the dialogue between the real and the imagined, Hart invites audiences to challenge the architecture of their own identities, perception, and memory. 

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Videography: Siena Hart.