SHE'D SHED SHRED // Tayla Haggarty
21st OCTOBER 2016

Image: Cameron Bond. 

Image: Cameron Bond. 

KUNSTBUNKER is proud to present SHE'D SHED SHRED, a new work by Brisbane artist TAYLA HAGGARTY as part of BARI Festival 2016. SHE'D SHED SHRED is a performance installation which delves into an investigation of ‘sameness’ and is constructed in direct response to the exhibition space. The work will be contingent on the physical supports of the building and will feature an even amount of female participants balancing on 3-metre hardwood planks. 



TAYLA HAGGARTY'S practice has previously been fixated on exploring the complex question of what constitutes a lesbian feminist artwork, and more specifically, how one can effectively represent the personal lesbian erotic. These investigations take form through installation, sculpture and durational performance. The work typically explores how the lesbian feminist identity can be translated and constructed through materials, to formally articulate and archive lesbian experience. The works often employ industrial or ready-made materials, which when constructed within the space aim to negotiate elements of tension, balance and an investigation of ‘sameness’, in the context of difference within same sex relationships. These undertakings are habitually minimal, site specific and employ humour as a tactic to communicate the desired message to its viewers. This humour is exhibited through titles and specific formal constructions that insinuate the use of a subtle sexual pun or visual metaphor, which aims to further break down a more serious topic and make the work more approachable to those outside the lesbian community. 

Video: Tayla Haggarty

// KUNSTBUNKER is proud to be sponsored by BARI Festival
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